Need Wordpress help?

If you already have a site built using the very popular Wordpress Framework, either inhouse or through another web developer, Netmastery can assist with ongoing maintenance including:-
- Content editing - (text and images)
- Uploading PDF or media files
- Linking to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media
- Installation and testing of Wordpress plugins
- Development of new plugins for special requirements
- Set up enquiry forms
- New pages to be added to your site
- Menu/navigation changes
- Banners and slideshows for use on site
- Search engine optimisation and improvement of Google rankings

We find many companies just don't have the time and resources to edit content even though the Wordpress interface is relatively easy to use. Occasionally a company cannot contact their web developers and the support needed is temporary. Whatever the reason, Netmastery has the Wordpress skills needed so that you can make maximum use of your site.

Our charges are reasonable and usually set as a moderate hourly rate as needed. No contracts or monthly fees needed for this service. We will also not insist on hosting your site so there should be no interruption of service.

Of course, we can also build new Wordpress based sites for you. For simple business websites this is often all that is needed.

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