"Web Rescue" Redesign service

We have been asked by many small to medium sized business who have already spent significant dollars on building a website and often with reputable web companies, to assist them in a repair job. These companies were not getting the results that they had expected in terms of site traffic, orders, enquiries, and other performance indicators. The site may look acceptable from a design point of view but missed important elements of a successful website.

If you have such a website, Netmastery can assist you to redesign and repair your website immediately.

This work typically includes:

  • Discussion of initial objectives and results expected from website
  • Prepare phased "plan of attack"
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web design "tweaking" (note: a full redesign is usually unnecessary)
  • Improve key words on site
  • Cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Site traffic reports
  • Addition of new or improved ecommerce solutions
  • Implementation of enquiry forms/feedback form and other interactive tools
  • Introduce web site traffic monitoring systems

The cost?

This will vary from site to site. We have been able to make meaningful changes for some of our clients who have moved the management of their site to Netmastery in remarkably short timeframes. In one case, we achieved a number one placement in Google for their relevant industry key words from a situation of complete omission within 3 weeks of contact with us and 1 week of "relaunch" of site.

The more immediate fixes can often involve less than one day's work from us. We can prioritise the work required with you so that the costs associated can be spread out over a period of time.

Should you need references from our clients to validate this and other examples, please contact us today.

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