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Search Engine Marketing and Placement Services

a. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Netmastery provides many of our clients with enviable search engine ranking results. In many cases, our clients are enjoying the benefits of top 10 and even the top 3 placements for a given set of "keywords" in search engines like This takes time and attention to the rules that are applied by these engines (btw, these rules constantly change).

We are often approached by businesses that see we are getting results for our clients, sometimes our own client competitors. If the site is being managed by a third party web design / internet consultancy, we cannot provide SEO services as our knowledge is proprietary. However, should your site be hosted by another organisation, we are prepared to work with you on your SEO program.

Optimisation of a site for Search engines is rarely a one-off task and requires persistence and attention to detail over many months.

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b. Adwords / sponsored links program

Search engines such as Google provide guaranteed listings via their Adwords and Sponsored Links programs. Allow us to help you sift through the details and manage the hard work for you for a small service fee. Other sponsored link programs can be organised including Overture and Yahoo. These services are provided to complement search engine optimisaton work that we may undertake for you.

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